Donate Life Rose Parade Float: The Gift of Time

On New Year’s Day 2018, the Donate Life Rose Parade Float will make its 15th appearance on Colorado Boulevard as part of the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. Families of deceased donors will be honored to see their loved ones’ floral images highlighted as part of the float, while living donors and recipients bring the float to life as they ride or walk beside the float.

This year’s parade theme, "Making a Difference," celebrates the power of kindness and the people in our communities that are selflessly making a positive difference in our lives. "The Gift of Time," the theme of the float, is truly the greatest gift any of us can bequeath to a waiting recipient – showcasing the power that each of us has to help another. 

Thanks to Dignity Memorial, the Klein family of Cypress, Texas, will be making their way to Pasadena to be a part of the float experience. Anna Klein, organ, eye and tissue donor, will be one of 44 donors depicted with floragraphs, portraits made of all natural material that will adorn the vibrantly colored, tropical float. We are grateful to Dignity Memorial for making this opportunity possible for the Klein family. 

Tune into the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day and look for the Donate Life Rose Parade Float! 

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