Core Purpose and Values

Core Purpose

We offer hope:

  • We offer hope to those waiting on organ, eye and tissue transplants, returning them to their families, their jobs, their communities and their lives.
  • We offer hope to grieving family members of those who selflessly gave the gift of life so that others may live.
  • We offer hope to our partner organ procurement organizations throughout the country and the hospitals we serve.
  • We offer hope to the community through public education outreach and efforts.
  • We offer hope to transplant recipients, that they can make the most out of their lives.

Core Values:

We are:

Passionate – We are driven to contribute to a purpose larger than ourselves.

Compassionate – We have a heart for others.

Professional – We give the best of ourselves in all circumstances, even those that are difficult for us.

How we are different:

Expertise – Regardless of our role, we constantly seek opportunities to strengthen our knowledge and sharpen our skills to keep LifeGift on the forefront of organ and tissue donation.

Dual Advocacy – In every situation, we advocate for the donor, ensuring that his/her final wishes are honored, while at the same time, advocate for those who wait for lifesaving transplants.

Fiscal Strength – We are committed to the responsible use of our financial resources, so we can support our communities and prepare for the future.

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