Communication Center for Donation

Hope starts in the LifeGift Communication Center for Donation (CCD), the 24/7 lifeline for organ and tissue donation.

The CCD works with more than 200 hospitals around the state to ensure that families are offered the opportunity to donate and that organs and tissues are made available to save and enhance lives throughout Houston, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Amarillo and beyond. The three Texas regions served by LifeGift – North, Southeast and West – include 109 counties.

A focal point for all donors and potential donors, the CCD screens more than 30,000 referral calls per year and takes care of several critical functions in the organ and tissue donation process.

Hospital Partners

  • Collaborates with more than 200 hospitals in our network, which spans Southeast Texas, parts of North Texas and West Texas.
  • Serves as the official contact for death notification calls from hospital staff on every death.
  • Screens referrals and assesses potential donors for medical suitability in collaboration with hospital staff.
  • Confers with primary physician as needed in obtaining in-depth medical history on prospective donors.
  • Enters data and maintains data integrity of the LifeGift donor network, including information on donors and also demographic data on the network’s 200+ hospitals.
  • Facilitates communication between LifeGift and transplant centers.

Donor Families

  • Notifies next-of-kin of their loved one’s donor registry status to ensure that the deceased’s final wishes are granted.
  • Requests authorization from next of kin for donation when their loved one appears to be an appropriate candidate but is not in the donor registry. The DRC speaks to as many as 5,000 of these families every year.
  • Acquires extensive medical and social history on the prospective donor from family members.
  • Helps families with numerous needs, including those involving the donation process and other end-of-life considerations, such as funeral planning, grief counseling referrals and financial assistance referrals.

Funeral Homes and Medical Examiners

  • Coordinates donation with medical examiners, justices of the peace and funeral homes.
  • Provides educational resources and training for funeral home directors.

To reach the Communication Center for Donation, call 1-800-633-6562.

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