Behind the Scenes: LifeGift Photographer Captures Priceless Moments

He’s been called stealth, adventurous, even a ninja for the way he comes out of nowhere or hangs from the rafters to secure just the right angle, but mostly he is called an incredible photographer. 

Ralph Lauer has worked his magic behind the scenes on behalf of LifeGift for the past 14 years. He has captured oftentimes intimate and touching moments as recipients meet the family of their donor for the first time. He snaps away at the many smiling faces of transplant recipients who cross the finish line of their first-ever 5K at one of the LifeGift 2nd Chance Runs.

But for those who know him best, they would say that Ralph has a unique ability to really listen. He wants to know the story of the people and places he is featuring in that moment. And in the end, as the reader admires his final images, they truly know about the person or place and they see what he saw through his camera lens. 

Ralph has photographed every LifeGift calendar/annual report since 2002 and he never disappoints. The 2016 version is no exception. He has already completed most of the photographs for the 2016 calendar. And while we won’t give away all of our secrets, we will share that this year will feature all children, ages two months old to 16 years old. And yes, you will love it. 

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