Ambassadors of Hope and LifeGift Staff Laugh the Night Away

Ambassadors of Hope from the Fort Worth area, as well as staff from LifeGift and other guests, were treated to an evening of laughter, food and celebration on Saturday, Dec. 5.  

Improv comedy club Four Day Weekend in beautiful downtown Fort Worth was the perfect setting, with the city elaborately decked in holiday lights and spirit. Even Scrooge would have had a hard time frowning on this special night! 

The evening got underway with delicious selections from some of Reata Restaurant’s most popular (for good reason) appetizers. Then the group entered the theater for a very entertaining improv show, customized just for LifeGift! There were at least a few people who were surprised to be called onto the stage, but everyone was a good sport and played along. 

LifeGift staff members from the Fort Worth area were on hand to thank the volunteers for all of their contributions. 

LifeGift is grateful for the Ambassadors of Hope who, collectively, have volunteered more than 820 hours in the Fort Worth area alone in the past 12 months.  

Congratulations to all and many thanks for your time, service and commitment! 

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