AMAT and DLA Launch Innovative Multicultural Approach to Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

LifeGift will participate in a new initiative to educate, inspire and inform multicultural communities about organ, eye and tissue donation, spearheaded by the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and Donate Life America (DLA). Here is a short snapshot on what this observance is all about. 

WHAT? The new observance is known as ECHO and stands for “Every Community Has Opportunity.” It is designed to reach multicultural audiences. 

WHO? The campaign targets African-American, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander and other multicultural communities. 

WHEN? ECHO will take place the second and third weeks of July. This year’s inaugural observance will be held July 12-25.

WHY? ECHO has two objectives:

  1. Focus on the power of sharing one’s personal decision to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor with members of one’s community. 
  2. To encourage registered donors to ask members of their personal networks and extended communities to register as donors. 

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Participate by embracing this new national observance and help us spread HOPE. For more information and resources, please go to

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